The Resuable Ameuus AeroPress Filter Is Mighty Fine

By October 16, 2018 News

There isn’t any shortage of reusable coffee filters on the market today. For the AeroPress alone, there’s the DISK by the recently-acquired Able Brewing, Fellow’s PRISMO filter, the Altura MESH, and about a million different others on Amazon. But eschewing the over-capitalization trend, ameuus is adding its name to the crowded field. Going live on Kickstarter today, October 16th, the ameuus wants to be bring more clarity to the cup than other reusable filters on the market and are doing so with micron-level precision.

The idea behind the ameuus is simple: allow the coffee oils to make it into the cup—something paper filters is unable to do—all while keeping even the smallest coffee grounds from doing the same. And you know, being reusable. To do this, a filter needs really, really ridiculously small holes.

The stainless steel, ameuus filters come in two different varieties: the o1 and the o2. The hole size of the 01 filter has an “effective average” of 100 microns with a rough total of 10,000 per disc. Leading reusable filters already on the market have anywhere between 150 and 300 micron hole sizes, giving the o1 one of the smallest hole sizes out there.

Except for the o2. Using two complimentary stainless steel discs, the o2 has an effective average hole size of 30 microns, well below anything else out there. The almost 50,000 holes is one of the highest around as well.

And indeed, after making coffee using the ameuus and other leading filters, the amount of sediment that makes its way through to the cup is, according to the Kickstarter, notably less for the o1 and o2.

Currently, ameuus is offering backers a chance to get their very own o1 and o2 filters for the low, low prices of CA$10 ($7.70 USD) and CA$13 ($10 USD), respectively. This is assuming the campaign meets its funding goal, which set at a very low CA$1,500 ($1,154 USD), it’s safe to say they are going to blow right through that.

For more information on the o1 and o2, to see them in action, or to back the campaign, visit the ameuus Kickstarter page.

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